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 Aitutti Industrial Solutions - "La Soluzione"


Aitutti (pronounced - eye-two-tee) Industrial Solutions is a provider of industrial solutions such as machinery, tooling and industrial products in North America.  We are based out of the Midwest region of the United States.

Our specialty is selling specialized machinery into the metal fabrication market primarily for industrial manufacturing serving aerospace, automotive, agricultural, defense, commercial, construction, industrial, marine, medical, military, mining, trucking, recreational and more.


We offer a full slate of industrial products to meet your company's needs. Our niche is finding the best product solution at the most competitive price for your application.  We represent machinery and tooling manufacturers from around the globe. 


Aitutti Industrial Solutions mission is to assist and aid companies who are looking to add and/or improve their production needs.  We are dedicated with finding better solutions for companies who are looking to increase productivity and efficiencies whether to be leaner & smarter and/or to be more profitable & productive.  Industry 4.0 is the next step of which Aitutti Industrial Solutions will help bring you there.