Machinery Representative Line Card

Aitutti Industrial Solutions represents the manufacturers listed below.

Please contact us for additional information and pricing pertaining to the product offering from these companies listed below .


Standard Industrial Corp.

Based out of Clarksdale Mississippi for over fifty years in the sector, today, Standard Industrial Press Brakes, Hydraulic Shears and Hydraulic Presses have thousands of machines all over the world.

Standard Industrial machines are always the heaviest machines on the market.  A machine's dependability and lifetime are directly related to the machine's overall girth.  

Standard Industrial has the best warranty in the business.  Our 5 year parts warranty is substantially better than any of the competition. 

Standard Industrial Press Brakes, Hydraulic Shears and Hydraulic Presses are 100% made in the USA while also providing complete product service and support.  


OP USA Inc / OP S.r.l. - Italia

Based out of Italy & having operated for over thirty years in the hydraulic hose and tube processing sector, today, OP is leading manufacturer of hose crimpers, hose saws, test benches and all kind of hose assembly equipment. Moreover OP offers a full range of tube processing equipment, such as pre-assembling and flaring, tube benders and deburring machines. 

OP is proud to have a wide range of products complimented by outstanding after-sales service available in different markets worldwide. ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing facility in compliance with CE, CSA and UL standards, all of our products are fully designed and developed by our professional Italian team who are capable of simultaneously guaranteeing quality, innovation and safety.

North America Website -  


IP Automation

IP Automation's founders and upper management team have extensive experience and knowledge in the wire forming and automation industry. We are one of the very few companies that can handle processes from raw material to finished parts to packing in shippable containers with the most precise and streamlined processes. 

IP Automation has used their "out- of-the-box" approach and thinking to help customers grow their bottom line and add value to their business. Offering multiple machine lines and our ability to design and build automated cells, from concept to reality, IP Automation has proven that we are a top competitor in this industry. 

Over 50 years combined knowledge in the wire forming and automation industry

A team dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction

An extremely knowedgable support and engineering team

Customer driven solutions....we won't sell you what you don't need.

In house mechancial, electrical and software engineering

In house welding, painting and complete machine build

Full CNC shop with 3 and 4 axis machine capabilities, all run through CAM systems

Dedicated project management
Over 50 years combined knowledge in the wire forming and automation industry

A team dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction

An extremely knowedgable support and engineering team

Customer driven solutions....we won't sell you what you don't need.

In house mechancial, electrical and software engineering

In house welding, painting and complete machine build

Full CNC shop with 3 and 4 axis machine capabilities, all run through CAM systems

Dedicated project management

J&B Industries Inc.

Started in 1991, by Jack & Brenda Mazini in Torrington, CT.   Jack Mazini being in the tube cutting industry for over 20 years worked for Bertolette Machines and decided to create a company to support those machines when Bertolette left the area. 

In 2003, the next family generation acquired the company and in August of 2016 moved the company to South Carolina due to the business economy. 

In addition to supporting Bertolette machines, J&B Industries builds their own line of tube cutters that can cut up to 6" diameter round tubing with servo driven ball screws and servo cut mechanisms.

The machines available are Flying Cut Offs, Hitch Feed, Roll Feed and Trim Stand Alone.  Material Handling Equipment available are Vertical Coil Payoffs, Horizontal Coil Payoffs, Two Plane Straighteners, Rack Loaders and Run Out Tables.

UTE - Universal Tool and Engineering - 


Universal Tool and Engineering (UTE) has been serving the metal working and tube fabrication industries for over 30 years out of Johnson CIty TN. We specialize in tube/pipe bending and end forming equipment for copper, stainless, aluminum and carbon steel profiles.


Offering CNC and NC tube/pipe benders with all-electric, hydraulic or hybrid electric & hydraulic drive models. Our tube/pipe benders can be customized with a variety of bending features including: semi-automatic draw, serpentine, twin head rotary draw, push (Calendar), both left & right hand bending capability, as well as machines with single to multiple bending stacks.  We utilize Bend Pro Controls on our UTE Select Tube Benders and on our rebuilds.

We also offer tube straighteners, hole piercing stations, cut-off saws, and other tube processing machines designed to meet all fabrication needs.

Universal Tool and Engineering has expanded our expertise to providing automation solutions for all equipment including robotic arms and pick/place devices to transfer parts from one operation to the next. Our experts can design automatic loading and unloading solutions customized for your specific needs. These solutions can be integrated seamlessly into your production along with special fabrication stations, to ensure the most efficient processing of your parts. We can provide you with automated in-line inspection and assembly processes when desired, to help free up staff from repetitive tasks.

Universal Tool and Engineering can also rebuild your tube bender. We have experience overhauling machines from the following manufacturers: 3RC, Adaptive Motion, Addison, Addison Mckee, Bema, BLM, Chiyoda, CSM, Clark & Lewis, Conrac, Coast, Criterion, Diacro, Eaton Leonard, Eagle, Eurobend, Hines, HMT, Horn, Horn Machine Tools, Keins, MiiC, Pines, Pedrazolli, PHI, Smith, Schwarze, Soco, Schwarze-Wirtz, Techno, Trans Fluid, Unison, Wallace and YLM. We can retrofit, rebuild, or replace any failing parts on your current tube/pipe benders and upgrade controls and software to new controllers, adding enhanced capabilities and making old machines much more intuitive and user friendly.

Universal Tool and Engineering can also design and build solutions for custom applications, tooling & dies, jigs & fixtures, CNC production machining, as well as production fabrication and metal stamping.

Tube Forming and Machine, Inc.

Founded in 1989, out of Oscoda, Michigan produces dedicated manual tube benders.  Over the years, the company which is ISO 2001:2015 Certified has earned a reputation for quality with producing fixture hand benders, universal manual hand benders, Finish-up hand benders for CNC bent tubes, manual benders for brackets, coil tubes and hole piercing.  Other services include service, prototype and short run parts, tooling components, CAD services and custom machining.

Soitaab  -  An ISO 9001 certified company based in Milan, Italy since 1938 - Soitaab has become the recognized leader in the international cutting machine market with over 8,000 machine installations worldwide. Soitaab continues to provide customers with the best solutions in precision Soitaab hole technology, plate and pipe cutting, multi axis CNC bevel cutting, and options for drilling and tapping with tool changers for plasma and oxy machines. Soitaab has maintained this leading position by offering the best technology all supported by world class service and training.


Today for sheet metal cutting proposals are the following product lines: Lineatech, Plasmatech, Watertech,which provide a clever combination of various technologies used.  


Whether you need Fiber Laser, Plasma, OxyFuel, Waterjet or Dualine (Waterjet/Plasma), Soitaab has an economical solution with the highest quality and standards of excellence for your operation.



Below is an article link from "The Fabricator" in which Soitaab provided a plasma cutting solution for pipe.               

Everite Machine Products - Founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1950, the world leader in advanced electrochemical grinding (ECG) and machining technology.

As a pioneer in this field with over 65 years of experience, electrochemical grinding is Everite's exclusive focus.  With well over 1,000 machines in operation, Everite has experience in applying electrochemical grinding technology in hundreds of manufacturing applications.  Electrochemical grinding innovation is Everite's hallmark and passion for surface grinders and cutoff machines of which are in their sixth generation of development.

Everite provides turnkey solutions for their machines.  Everite's commitment is to design and develop the machining process precisely to a customer's application, install the equipment, train employees, establish QC procedures, build tooling and fixtures, as well as provide support for as long as you own the equipment.

Everite recognizes the needs to work with customers on developing a customized machinery specifically to suit their production needs.  Everite is committed to work with the customer to meet their needs.

SMT Industries Inc. - North America's premier leader in remanufacturing of CNC Benders / Engineering & Redesign / Programming



Benelli Presse by Soitaab -


If your company is looking for a professional, skilled partner, capable of supplying mechanical & hydraulic presses of various types, including models designed and built from drawings; contact Benelli S.p.A., the Turin-based company and industry leader.

Expertise, experience and continuous investments in research and

technology, allow us to offer solutions for every need. Our team of

qualified engineers and technicians is at our customers' disposal to create 3D parametric models and perform dynamic and structural analyses and calculations on every single component using cutting-edge design tools.


Benelli can handle even the most complex kinematics, using special simulation software, which also handles calculations using the finite element method. We construct the presses in-house ourselves thanks to our specialist departments.


The design and dimensions of our presses are made by prioritizing the stiffness and control of the deformation, with particular regard to flexing of the press head, containing the forces within the structure, and guaranteeing precision during operation.

Our designs are made by highly qualified engineers and technicians using the most advanced software tools in the mechanics field. Computer applications used in the design of our components enable us to create 3D parametric models and to perform related analyses for dynamics and structural verification calculations for each individual component. For more complex kinematics, special software provides simulations and, in the case of the most critical components, performs calculations using the finite element approach.


Friggi by Soitaab - 




  • Italian manufacturing company with over 65 years of product innovation and manufacturing for steel and aluminum bandsaw cutting
    • In the 1970's designed and installed the first horizontal band saw with a moveable portal and innovative rotating blade guides, enabling both horizontal and vertical cuts and proudly the largest band saw in the world
      • A complete line of standard and custom design products
        • Friggi Cutting Solutions has set its goal in aiming to constantly reduce the cost per cut by continuous investment in R&D and collaborating with all the main service centers around the world
          • World-wide after sales support