Preventative Maintenance Services - Machinery Repair Services - Onsite & Offsite

Aitutti Industrial Solutions offers preventative maintenance and repair services of hydraulic machinery and components.  We can also provide preventative maintenance programs for your machinery purchases in keeping your machinery operational in optimal conditions.  

For those involved in the hose industry, we have repair and maintenance specialty of which is hose crimpers/swagers machinery.  We have found over the years, a lack of specialized repair service centers related in this market. If you have a hose crimper in need of repair, please contact us for more information.

Our repair center is strategically located in Southeast Texas to handle requests for the O&G industry whether onshore or offshore but we have expanded operations to include other industries as well such as heavy industrial, construction, trucking and others etc.  Our persons have over 40 years of hydraulic repair and maintenance experience and now with expanded capabilities, we can turn around repairs in a timely fashion to get you up and running again.

For more information, please contact us directly.